Phoenix Feeley Goes Topless in NJ

Do you realize that it is legal in 12 states for girls to go top-free in public? To begin with, this can be a small amount, and second, many cities can and do override this with their own laws. (Having just viewed the movie Iron Jawed Angels, I feel like a suffragette counting the states that have granted women the right to vote. Haha Not the same, I know.)
Girls getting the equivalent right to go top-free wherever guys can is a cause that’s become more and more significant in my experience. I believe what irritates me most is the pointless arrests and physical abuse that girls go through for going top-free even when it’s totally legal. Doesn’t everyone have more important things to worry about? (Apparently not.)
Phoenix Feeley has faced police and furious mothers in Coney Island for exercising her right to go top-free
I lately met a kindred soul against this discrimination: Phoenix Feeley, and I inquired Phoenix if I could interview her about her current struggle for top-free equality.
Phoenix has been actively fighting for top freedom since 2004 when she was falsely arrested in New York for being top-free in public. She endured physical maltreatment by the policemen, spent 27 hours in jail and to top it all away, had to go through nudism girls . It is been legal in NY since 1992. The city apologized with a settlement of $29,000 when she sued.
Since then she’s been marching in top-free rallies in NYC, and today the courageous Phoenix is fighting charges in a state where it’sn’t legal (yet), New Jersey. In 2008 Phoenix sunbathed without a top on the strand of Spring Lake as a form of civil disobedience. Law enforcement detained her and inflicted physical maltreatment once again. An obese man had the gall to clap as she was getting arrested, and Phoenix quickly answered, “Your boobs are bigger than mine!” She was given two charges of disorderly conduct, one for obstruction of justice, a charge of nudity and a charge of dressing/undressing, along with a $2,000 fine. This quote circulated last year when her appeal was rejected by the state appeals court:
“Limitations on the exposure of the female breast are supported by the important governmental fascination with safeguarding the people’s moral sensibilities.”
That’s right, moral sensibilities! The government is merely trying to protect everyone from women’s wrong breasts.

At this stage the prices have been cut down to the nudity and dress/undress charges and the wonderful cut in half. However, the legal fees have added up to way more than $1,000 because this is certainly about way more than a few charges and a fine. Phoenix has now appealed it to the 4th branch of the judicial system, the NJ Supreme Court, where this law can (and hopefully will) eventually be shifted. “I WOn’t pay injustice,” she said, “You must go all the way with it.” And she is prepared to do that. Sadly the Supreme Court only hears 10% of cases, and a previous top-free case further complicates things. A couple in NJ were found fishing illegally, while the wife (a Ms. Vogt) was topless. She fought for the right to go fully bare, but would not testify for herself and lost. Regardless, Phoenix says if she can’t get into the Supreme Court, she will appeal to the Federal Court, and even go to prison if she has to!
Are any Europeans reading this on their smartphone as they lay topless on their towel at the strand? Are they wondering what the big deal is with revealing breasts in America? So are we.
As we wrapped up our meeting, I asked why top-freedom is so particularly vital that you her. She replied that she views it as a symbol of women’s inferior legal rights, which is one wall of discrimination that must be broken down. I agree!
Some of you may have attended Dingbats for Freedom last month, Phoenix’s magnificent top-free party and fundraiser geared toward helping her with all the legal fees. If you did not make it, you can still contribute and support her courageous fight for women’s right to go top-free wherever guys can!
Donate by Paypal to: phoenixfeeley[at]hotmaildotcom
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For the latest top-free news in the U.S. & Canada, this is a great site.
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