Our Nude Fundraiser Naked Cocktail Party Has Emerged!

The Young Naturists Unclothed Fundraiser Kicks Off:
family nude beach sluts -Last night we had our first Naked Cocktail & Fundraiser to benefit a women’s shelter, and it turned out great! We had about 40 people attend the event, including a representative from Henry Street Settlement to talk about the refuge and what they do (they do lots of great in many different places actually.) As FKK we believe in making a much better world, and it’s all the more interesting to action this nude!
Emerge Nudist Portal naked Fundraiser
Our first set of photographs came out splendidly lit on the walls with digital frames, and we sold and raffled off prints. From all the generous contributions, we were able to raffle off free yoga, massages, naturist club / resort passes, signed strip poker posters, and other amazing prizes! If you didn’t make it last night, you will soon be able to donate on our web site or purchase a photo print in the store. 100% of earnings will go directly into the refuge.
By the way, we are still looking for more nude models! Contact Anastasiya at: youngnaturists @ gmail.com to participate in Emerge or in future jobs.
THANK YOU to the following awesome folks:
Anastasiya who put so much heart and soul into Emerge and making this all happen!
Cindee Rifkin
Beth Nolan
Terra Cotta Inn
Rock Lodge Club
Megan Rose Ashes
Bare Nude Bake Sale
Zefrey Throwell
Ana Gomex
Joshua Hendrickson
Plus all of you beautiful individuals who attended and contributed to a great cause! We heart you!
What’s next: Bare Year’s Eve baby! In that state we all know and adore, New Jersey. (This is not sarcasm. I really do love NJ.) More information to come soon.
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